SCSI Ultra320 HDD

Hp Universal Hard Drive Hard Drive - 146. 8 Gb - ULTRA320 Scsi ( 347708-B22 )

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Universal Hard Drive Hard Drive

Increase your pc's overall performance via a Hp Universal Hard Drive Hard Drive - 146. 8 Gb - ULTRA320 Scsi ( 347708-B22 ). 347708-B22 is the part number for this item. The disk drive dimensions are 6.5" Height x 12" Length x 9" Width. It has got a weight of 1.37 lbs. Many manufacturers making SCSI drives, with all of these kinds of famous brands offering different selling prices plus craftsmanship. When picking out a SCSI hard drive, look for a guarantee. Just a bit of research goes a considerable ways based on it one can with certainty select the items you prefer and need. Online deals for Universal Hard Drive Hard Drive, add to cart by clicking the link below.

Hewlett Packard

Model: 347708-B22
UPS: 102645798707
Package Quantity: 1

Today's distributed enterprise is seeing larger, more complex applications, an enhance of mission-critical data moving to the server, increasing demand for transaction processing and crucial server consolidation. In this environment, storage has turn into a crucial component with all the details system, significantly defining each the systems reliability and performance. This is why HP drive undergo an intense qualification approach that eliminates data integrity problems, firmware and O/S incompatibilities and other causes of information corruption or premature failure.


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