SCSI Ultra320 HDD

Hewlett Packard ULTRA320 Scsi Hot-plug 15K Hard Drives 72. 8 (286778-B22)

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Hewlett Packard ULTRA320 Scsi Hotplug

The product number for this is 286778-B22-RF. I definitely liked that the item had the feature of compatible with select compaq proliant servers, pro liant storage systems, alpha servers, storage works enclosures. Additional features consist of 3. 8ms average seek time. and ultra320 scsi interface. It's 9"H x 11"L x 4"W. It has got a weight of 1 lbs, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.


Model: 286778-B22
UPS: 609465623559
Package Quantity: 1

Compaq hard disk drives undergo an intense qualification process that eliminates information integrity problemsfirmware and O/S incompatibilities and other causes of specifics corruption or premature failure. This HDD is created for any Ultra 320 Ultra3 or Ultra2 capable Pro Liant Servers Pro Liant Storage Systems Alpha Servers and Storage Works HP enclosures. Compaq hard disk drives are specifically designed and tested for flawless operation in your equipment. Supply your server workstation or notebook with a Compaq hard disk drive and you will maintain away from incompatibilities that could rob your system of performance or lead to you to lose beneficial data.


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