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Hp Compaq 289041-001 Proliant 36. 4GB Ultra 320 10K Scsi Hard Drive With Tray

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Compaq 289041001 Proliant 36 4GB Ultra

Compaq 289041-001 Proliant 36. 4GB Ultra is really a superb upgrade brag precisely how much of a computer expert you really are. The barcode (Universal Product Code) for this is 609465623597. The characteristics include ships fast, covered by comprehensive warranty and refurbished by certified technicians. It's 4"H x 12"L x 9"W and it weighs just about 2 lbs. Buy the compaq 289041001 proliant 36 4gb ultra, click on the link below.

HP Compaq

Model: 289041-001
UPS: 609465623597
Package Quantity: 1

289041-001 Compaq Proliant 36. 90 Day Warranty. Accessible for same day shipment. 80-Pin, 1", 10K RPM. 4GB Ultra 320 SCSI Hard Drive with Tray. Professionally technician tested, utilised.


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