SCSI Ultra320 HDD

Maxtor Atlas 10K Iv - Hard Drive - 146. 9 Gb - Hot-swap - 3. 5 - ULTRA320 Scsi - 80 Pin Centronics (SCA-2) - 10000 Rpm - Buffer: 8 Mb

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Atlas 10K Iv

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Model: 8B146J0
UPS: 102645872445

Maxtor Atlas 10K IV drive is the industry's fastest performing 10K RPM hard disk drive. The Atlas 10K IV drive supplies up to a 30% increase in sustained information transfer rates and delivers 9% quicker seek times than prior 10K RPM hard disk drive generations. The drive is equipped with the Maxtor second-generation Ultra320 SCSI interface, which includes Max Adapt, Maxtor's implementation of adaptive active filtration technologies. 3 ms seek time offer just the right combination of performance and capacity to meet mainstream enterprise challenging disk drive market needs. Its 146GB capacity point and 4.


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