SCSI Ultra320 HDD

Hp 350964-B22 300GB 10000RPM ULTRA320 Scsi Hard Drive

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350964B22 300GB 10000RPM ULTRA320 Scsi

The characteristics include ultra320 scsi, 300gb capacity and 10,000 rpm. The SCSI Ultra320 drive dimensions are 6.3" Height x 12.4" Length x 9" Width. It has got a weight of 2.95 lbs. Considering the characteristics in the SCSI Ultra320 drive you need, and attributes and additional requirements, you can be assured that you get what you require and need. Why purchase options you don't need? Quite a few suppliers that produce disk drives, with those models offering different prices along with craftsmanship. When you find yourself getting a SCSI hard drive, get a guarantee. A modest amount of research goes quite a distance and with this you'll be able to confidently buy stuff that you want. Online deals for 350964-B22 300GB 10000RPM ULTRA320 Scsi, click the link below.

Hewlett Packard

ASIN: B000672QCW
Model: 350964-B22
UPS: 102646317143
Package Quantity: 1


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